Fuel Delivered to YOU

A convenient, fast and affordable mobile fuel delivery service.

Simplifying Tasks Personally and Professionally

We bring the gas station to you.


Avoid disrupting your work day and have Fuel Donkey fuel vehicles, fleet, equipment and more. 



Remove an item on your “to do” list by having Fuel Donkey come to your location and fuel your diesel vehicle or equipment. 



Imagine a cloud-based system for control over the provisions of fuel and energy. Introducing Prime MicroStations.   

Servicing Edmonton and surrounding areas

Commercial Fuel Delivery

Avoid disrupting your workday for truck, fleet or equipment fill ups. Our on-site bulk duel delivery is the most economical solution to always having the fuel you need no matter the time. We can fill your fleet and equipment at the job site with our mobile on-site refueling services. Your fuel will arrive on time and your operations will not be disrupted, ensuring optimal productivity.

Diesel, Dyed, Regular & Premium

Fuel Donkey provides bulk diesel and gas to industrial and corporate customers on a regular or on-demand basis.

Site services

Fleet fueling

Direct to equipment

Bulk tanks

Big or small we fuel it all

Removing the need to refuel at the gas station substantially reduces:


Benefits of Commercial Delivery

Grow Revenue

The time spent fueling can now be used to close more business, service clients, and add more hours to operations. By having Fuel Donkey as a team member , employees can focus on the business. 

Increase Productivity

We are a mobile fueling leader, helping businesses realize benefits beyond a full tank of gas. Make us a centralized factor of running a fleet or direct to equipment fills to avoid disrupting the work day.


Fuel Donkey is better for our communities, our people and our planet. Beyond a convenience factor, we are responsible for improving the way energy is delivered to personal vehicles, fleet and equipment. 

Health & Safety

Mobile fueling is the safest way for fleet and equipment to stay fueled. Reducing the risk of claims, wrong fuel types, stealing fuel and spills on jobs sites, our safety measures and experience eliminate risk and make us the safest choice. 

Retail Fuel Delivery

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Servicing Edmonton, St. Albert & Sherwood Park

Why Fuel Donkey?

You can order diesel for your vehicle or equipment wherever you are. Get your tank filled and get ready for the road without the need to go to the gas station.

Fuel Donkey is fast, secure and uses the best quality gas that meets your vehicle’s needs.

Fuel Donkey Fees


Looking for service to your family or your fleet? Fuel Donkey has a family membership and a fleet membership to fit your needs. 

Click here for more information and to purchase a membership. 

$5 Fill Up

Standard fuel delivery fee.

$25 Rush Fill

Found yourself in a pinch?
For an extra fee we can be there soon as possible.

How Fuel Donkey Retail Works

Fast, efficient fuel delivery in a few simple steps. Fuel your personal vehicle directly from your device.

1. Download

Download the free Fuel Donkey app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Register

Register and create your Fuel Donkey account.

3. Order Fuel

Order fuel by choosing your fuel type and choose your date and location.

4. Your Tank is full!

Our drivers will make sure that the fuel is delivered on time, with professionalism & quality service.


Fuel Donkey

Fuel Donkey App Requesting Refuel screen on a phone


Fuel Donkey

Fuel Donkey App Requesting Refuel screen on a phone


Fuel Donkey

Fuel Donkey App Requesting Refuel screen on a phone

What people are saying

See what other users are saying about Fuel Donkey on social media!

Kelsey Bulmer

“In a time when you don’t trust the cleanliness of the pump at the gas station, so not having to fill up myself and the ease of ordering make Fuel Donkey a dream service.”

Steve Lambert

“I would recommend Fuel Donkey to all my friends and family!”

Teri Frazer

“I love not having to worry about filling up with gas before work.”

Chris Stang

“Can’t beat the convenience! Fuel Donkey will fill my truck in the garage.”

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