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The fuel that moves you and your business should be effortless.

The Fuel Donkey difference:

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Quality Fuel

We buy directly from the refinery, so you get the best quality fuel available.

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Reduce Emissions

By eliminating the commute to the gas station, we will save 1.4 lbs of emissions.

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Safety First

Our drivers have industry leading certifications and training. Safety is our first priority.

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Germ Free

Gas pumps are 11,000 times dirtier than a toilet. Stop the spread of germs!

Bulk Fuel Delivery

Avoid disrupting your workday for truck, fleet or equipment fill ups. Our on-site bulk fuel delivery is the most economical solution to always having the fuel you need no matter the time. We can fill your fleet and equipment at the job site with our mobile on-site refueling services. Your fuel will arrive on time and your operations will not be disrupted, ensuring optimal productivity.

Wheel to wheel fuel delivery not only helps save time and increase productivity, it is also one of the safest and most reliable ways to get fuel delivered. Safety and being environmentally responsible are a core responsibility of our company.

Refinery Direct

We purchase fuel straight from the refiners and their network of terminals so you are receiving the best quality fuel available. Eliminating the middle man allows us to give you the best fuel at the best price.

Direct to Equipment

Offering 24/7 service is the most economical way to ensure your fleet and equipment is always filled. Whether fleet or tank gets filled, you can trust Fuel Donkey to deliver on your needs.

Safe and Reliable

Our team is committed to the highest standard of safety and professionalism. Our drivers have industry leading certifications and training. We are dedicated to the best customer service.


State of the art Prime Fuel Management Systems – cloud-based phone app complete in-store payment systems through to 24 hour unmanned applications where site wishes to manually operate the site during business hours but want a leading edge and user-friendly technology system for the after-hours operation to simply and cost effectively offer an after hours fuel access system. 
With the ability to offer 20 or 40 ft plug and play microstations, Fuel Donkey is proud to have the exclusive rights of distribution for Prime technology and refuelling stations. 

These are designed to provide alternative options to the conventional fuel stations. It saves time, money, environmental impact, and space to construct.

  • 2x gasoline and diesel dispensing
  • 20,000L or 48,000L models
  • self bunded fuel storage and dispensing equipment
  • electronic price board – single or dual sided – up to 8 product LED price displays 
  • service station canopies – custom made to order 
  • automatic tank gauging
  • pay at the pump app 
  • built in guard rails 
  • double walled ULC certified tanks
  • overfill monitoring 
  • CAN-ULC-S601-14 approved

PrimeFMS Mobile Application

Innovation in refueling!

Welcome to the next generation of refueling. 
Over the last several years, we have seen some new developments emerge from the fuel industry. PrimeFMS and Global Engineering Solutions continue to innovate when it comes to providing turnkey refuelling stations. 
Our team is specialists in showing business owners how to implement standard or customized refuelling systems that deliver on-key business goals and ensure the safety of operators and the end-user whilst maximizing asset longevity and equipment reliability. 


At Fuel Donkey we recognize and respect the potential for dangerous spills, hazardous fumes, and sudden explosions when handling dangerous goods. A major aspect of our business philosophy is to employ drivers with years of experience, demonstrated professionalism, and an impeccable safety record. Our drivers carry up to date safety and environmental training credentials, and our trucks are kept to the highest mechanical standards with regular maintenance, daily visual checks, and scheduled government mandated inspections. 

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Fuel Donkey

Fuel Donkey App Requesting Refuel screen on a phone


Fuel Donkey

Fuel Donkey App Requesting Refuel screen on a phone

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